By His Grace

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to share some of my testimony in an interview with Vickie Petz Henderson, MD on the My Journey of Faith Podcast. On the show, we talk about my passion for encouraging women through the difficult circumstances of life by trusting in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Life is challenging, and sometimes it is just downright hard! We need to encourage one another in the faith. Vickie and I discuss my passion for encouraging women to seek Jesus, studying the Word, and for growing in grace. We talk about some of the most challenging times in my life experiences struggling with grief, infertility, problem pregnancies, loss of babies and miscarriage.

Vickie Petz Henderson, MD practiced obstetrics and gynecology for nearly twenty years and counseled many women in her practice going through circumstances similar to what I experienced, and we agreed that Jesus is the answer to any of the problems we face today.

We also talked about my devotional writing for Philanthropy at

Here is a link to the podcast My Journey of Faith Podcast – Featuring Misty Phillip

I hope this podcast blesses you, and if it does, please share it with someone you think might benefit from listening to it!

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