By His Grace

Hey Friends,

I can’t believe summer is almost over and it is still HOT as Blazes here in Houston! We are savoring our last few days of summer before we head back to school. I love the freedom and flexibility that summer offers, but part of me really likes getting back into a structured schedule for the school year.


Today I am excited to share that I finally got my social media channels all rebranded, thanks to my lovely new headshots taken by the beautiful and talented Sara Quinnett at Sara Jane Photography! Sara has done our family photography for years, but I really love the vision that she has for my blog!

You will see the lovely photo below is my new social media profile picture.


A special thank you goes to Black’s Table Market for opening their restaurant to us to use as a lovely air-conditioned backdrop for our photo session. Black’s Table Market is a farm to table restaurant that you might find located in one of the hip and trendy Houston hot spots, but fortunately for us, it is nestled in a shopping center near Vintage Park in the suburbs of North Houston. They have great food and lovely farm to table decor!


The shot above is my new banner on my social media platforms.

The Lord is teaching me all kinds of things that I can’t wait to share with you in the coming weeks! Until then be blessed.

Much Love, Misty


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