By His Grace

The past year and a half since Connor was diagnosed with Autoimmune Encephalitis has been a whirlwind!  This is an update to Connor’s Smile and Prayer Update for Connor. In spite of the severe difficulties and hardship Connor faces, he is filled with love and joy, and has the sweetest spirit. He makes people laugh and brings happiness to all who meet him!


We started IVIG, and completed 6 months of treatment. Soon after we began the IVIG treatment we immediately began seeing changes in Connor. His language skills began to improve, and he was able to attend to tasks longer. As many of you know, our insurance company refused to pay for this very expensive, life changing treatment for our son.

We have stopped Connor’s IVIG treatment stopped for a couple of months to let the medicine completely leave his system, before  we could  re-test.  We are looking for a supplemental insurance policy to cover the astronomical costs associated with treatment. We haven’t taken that test yet, because the test cost is $1,000, and if the antibody is still present, that would require additional costly IVIG treatments.


This is Connor receiving one of his weekly IVIG treatments.

In addition to IVIG, Connor’s  year consisted of Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Vision therapy and Educational therapy, several days a week. We are making good progress. Slow progress, but good progress. As Connor’s brain heals, we have to go back and fill in all the developmental gaps. In many ways Connor is a typical teenager. He loves video games, music, and movies. He great receptive language, that means he understands us talking to him, but still has a difficult time with his expressive language. However, he is learning to speak more now then ever before.


In the last year, Connor has learned to catch and throw a ball, and ride his bike. His speech and vocabulary has dramatically improved, and for the first time in his life, people can understand him speak! His coordination is improving, and he is evening learning to write, and spell his name.


On November 3rd Connor turns 18. For Connor’s birthday, we started a go fund me page to raise money for his all his therapy and medical treatment. Please help us spread the word to help our little man get the life changing treatment he needs. If our campaign reaches $500 dollars, then it will get national exposure.

Visit Connor’s Page Now

Please join us in continued  prayer for Connor’s healing! God is doing amazing things in Connor’s life, and we look forward in anticipation to lies ahead.

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