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In this episode of the By His Grace podcast, Anne Watson and I discuss facing critics, handling our inner critic, and the importance of loving ourselves as Jesus commands us to. 

Key Takeaways 

  • “When you begin getting critics is actually when you know that you are stirring the waters, that you’re making a difference, you’re making an impact, you’re having influence because you are creating emotion in people.” 
  • “If I loved myself, how would I respond in this situation?”
  • “If you would not talk to somebody else that way, don’t talk to yourself that way.”
  • “Love God, love your neighbor, love yourself.”
  • “The whole Bible is a love letter to us. We have to start by believing it.” 
  • “We have to give ourselves permission to shake it off.”
  • “If Jesus can’t escape the critics, neither can we.” 


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Scripture References:

Matthew 10:4, Matthew 10:15, Luke 9:5, Mark 6:11

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