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Misty Phillip sits down with former professional athlete, author, and podcast host Bob Wheatley to discuss our heart’s greatest desires on the By His Grace podcast. We discuss the single life, and his new book Our Heart’s Desire: How Our Stories Reveal the Thing We Want Most.


Bob Wheatley is an author, podcaster, and former professional athlete. He serves as a co-host of That Singles’ Show, a singles ministry sponsored by KCBI Christian Radio in Dallas, and his work has been featured on other nationally syndicated radio outlets like WAY-FM and THE FISH.

During working hours, Bob serves as the Sales Director at Brand Builders Group, a brand strategy firm in Nashville, Tennessee. Brand Builders Group helps influencers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs clarify their positioning, expand their reach, and exploit their uniqueness in the service of others. Before joining Brand Builders Group, Bob gained valuable experience in various industries, including military relocation services, financial planning, professional athletics, and more.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Bob spent four years playing professional baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays and St. Louis Cardinals. During his free time, he enjoys reading and writing, watching sports, and spending time in nature. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


Our Heart’s Desire: How Our Stories Reveal the Thing We Want Most

We cannot escape our deepest desire. The human heart longs for many things—love, joy, peace, abundance—but it longs for one thing even more: to experience a love story with God. In his debut work, Bob Wheatley reveals that all our favorite stories provide whispers of this truth.

Why do we tell the same stories again and again? What is it about the hero, the villain, and the love interest in distress that continues to draw us in? Are these just storytelling tactics, or do they teach us something more? Our stories reveal our heart’s cries—we want to live out this story ourselves. With references to The Dark Knight, The Hunger Games, Friends, and dozens of other stories from popular culture, Wheatley walks readers through the three acts of storytelling, revealing how every story we tell reflects God’s ultimate love story.


Being single can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be a bummer. In That Singles’ Show, you’ll meet a couple of friends who are right in your shoes, and you’ll find a place to rest, fit in, and find joy in your season of singleness. Yes, we plan to grow and learn some stuff, and we promise to laugh at the ridiculousness of life, but more than anything, we’re here to remind you that you are NOT alone.

So… you’re single huh? Well then, welcome home, friend! This is That Singles’ Show!

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