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Happy New Year By His Grace Podcast Listeners! We are excited to kick off our third year of podcasting with a whole new season and a new direction for the By His Grace podcast! Tune in to hear Misty’s heart for Season 3 and get a sneak peek at what is ahead for 2021.

On this episode of By His Grace, I welcome my dear friend, Charity Ellis, to share her thoughts on the mindset and perspective that we, as Christians, should take with us into 2021. Charity encourages us to maintain a bowed posture and to live life in submission to the Lord, His will, and His ways.

Key Takeaways

  • “The bowed life that Jesus lived is absolutely saturated with humility.” 
  • “Miracles happen when we bow.” 
  • “When we bow our lives to Christ, an exchange of power takes place.” 
  • “We bow our uncertainty and we receive His sovereignty.” 
  • “Our positions will often change, but my prayer is that our posture remains the same – a bowed posture.” 


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