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Do you have a messy house, need to organize your closet, or clean out the garage? This episode is for you! On today’s episode of the By His Grace Podcast, Misty Phillip interviews cleaning, decluttering, and organization expert Dana K. White. Dana is an author of three books, a podcast host, and a woman who is passionate about managing her home and helping other busy women to do the same.She shares her journey from overwhelm in the home to following her life long dream to write. We discuss her journey from writing, to blogging, and podcasting.

Dana’s goal is that listeners would know that they are not alone in the struggle to keep their space clean. In this candid conversation, you will glean from Dana’s wisdom, be encouraged by her practical insights on the subject of organization, and perhaps, gain the motivation to start fresh in your own organizational endeavors.

In her latest book, Dana offers sustainable ideas to simplify and manage your home in Organizing for the Rest of Us. In Organizing for the Rest of Us, Dana teaches us how to make great strides with minimal effort in every room of our home. Here she offers 100 home management strategies to help us understand organizational basics.

Dana gives us some practical strategies and tips to declutter.

Key Takeaways

– “Know that getting it all together is probably not the best goal.”

– “My house is not a project.”

– “What can I do today that will have an impact?”

– “There is value in five minutes of work.”

-“Really smart people are messy”


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