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On this episode of By His Grace, Misty interviews Danny Ray. Misty and Danny have a unique conversation about marriage, the effort that it takes to make relationships work, and the necessity of serving our spouses well. Danny Ray was the featured performer during this year’s Super Bowl Party on February 13.  A pastor, author and magician, Danny is known for his mind-blowing illusions paired with life-changing messages.  This fall, Danny was honored to appear on Huckabee, as well as showcase his talents when he appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and succeeded in stumping the duo.  Danny just released his book in late 2021, “No, I Can’t Make Your Wife Disappear: A Magician’s Guide to a Magical Marriage”


Key Takeaways

  • “Don’t give up hope.”
  • “How do we create a magical, thriving marriage?”
  • “Not only are we conquerors in Christ, we are more than overcomers.”
  • “We have a tough time believing that we are loved, that we are cherished, that we are redeemed – but we are all of those things.”
  • “The secret to marriage is compromise.”




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