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On this week’s episode of the By His Grace podcast, Misty Phillip invites Deborah Berry to the By His Grace podcast to share her story.

In today’s digital age, adolescents are being faced with more and more challenges. How can we support our youth to make their safety a priority? What can we do to help give them the tools to navigate through these challenges and grow into positive productive adults?

Deborah shares her story of fighting for her daughter’s life in a world of modern technology. Deborah is the author of The Tech Trap, and she educates parents on the dangers and impact of modern technology on adolescents.

Her Story

Upon discovering her daughter had wandered off into technological weeds at the young age of twelve, Deborah Berry sprang into action based on the belief her daughter was on the verge of being swept away into the sex trade. 

Through a series of painful decisions, the Berrys sent their daughter to a wilderness program, followed by placement in a therapeutic boarding school for middle school girls before moving on to another boarding school for older teens. During her almost four years away, her daughter lived technology-free life except for an iPod.

Determined to educate herself and her daughter, Deborah dove deep into research, exposing the potential traps our youth so easily fall into. She shares the lessons learned in her book, The Tech Trap.

The Tech Trap

Four years of a real-life struggle and all the lessons learned are distilled and masterfully woven into The Tech Trap, a mom’s fight for her daughter in a modern world of technology. The reader will find an emotionally raw and no-nonsense account of a mother’s journey to save her daughter from a damning relationship with social media and technology.

The Tech Trap is written in three well-defined parts that feature a powerful personal story, practical research surrounding the relationship our kids have with technology, and valuable resources for others who are searching for the next steps and need help knowing where to turn.



Free Resources

Be sure to grab your free resources:

Tech Trap Handout – What you Need to Know, and The Scoop on Tim Tok – Why do we love it so much? on Deborah’s website


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