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Misty Phillip sits down with Jessica Peck to discuss challenges facing teens and parents in this week’s episode of the By His Grace podcast. Many teens are battling anxiety, depression, and a host of other issues. She offers help, health, and hope to parents and teens.

On the show, we discuss her new Behind Closed Doors. This book is a practical guide for parents guiding their tweens and teens through cultural change and modern-day health threats.

In Behind Closed Doors: A Guide for Parents and Teens to Navigate Through Life’s Toughest Issues, Jessica L. Peck, DNP, APRN, CPNP-PC, CNE, CNL, FAANP, uses her more than 20 years of experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner (NP) to help clinicians and parents strengthen connections and better communicate with teens.

She created the love your teen communication model, which has 4 steps:

  • Listen with your face
  • Offer open-ended questions
  • Validate their emotions
  • Explore next steps together


Jessica Peck is a pediatric nurse practitioner and mom of four who helps parents escape the secrecy and shame surrounding challenging moments and find freedom in honest conversations grounded in faith in Christ.

As a pediatric nurse practitioner in primary care, over the last 20 years, Jessica Peck has engaged, encouraged, equipped, and empowered families to raise holistically healthy kids. She guides parents to help navigate challenging parenting moments to escape shame and stigma with grace, hope, and courage. Jessica seeks to move the private conversations in the clinic to relationship-building discussions at home.

Jessica Peck is an accomplished author of dozens of clinical articles for peer-reviewed journals. She is a regular contributor to parenting magazines and a frequent guest on radio and television shows to promote children’s health. She has been a regular guest on The Nurse Practitioner Show on Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio and has also appeared on syndicates for CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox.

Behind Closed Doors: A Guide to Help Parents and Teens Navigate Through Life’s Toughest Issues

Behind Closed Doors is a guided lifeline to help parents assess their teen’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health and help them strengthen their connection with their kids.

Jessica shares her story of broken family relationships, challenges she’s faced raising her teens without guidance from her parents, and lessons learned along the way—personal and professional, good and bad, mundane and miraculous. 

Topics covered include mental health, social media, suicide, sexting, substance abuse, gender identity, and more. This book will encourage and strengthen all parents—married, single, or divorced; grandparents, stepparents, godparents, bonus parents, adopted parents—anyone serving a parental role in a teen’s life.

The book into three sections:

  • Behind the Clinic Door: professional advice for parents on tough teenage issues from a health impact lens, sharing true stories of patients.
  • Behind the Home Door: suggested settings, activities, and question prompts to give parents conversation keys to unlock doors for open dialogue with their teens on tough issues and meet them at their point of need.
  • Behind the Heart Door: a time of reflection and spiritual application for parents to explore devotional readings, relevant Bible verses, Scripture-based prayers for parents, themed Christian music playlists, and prompts to write 12 Legacy Letters, a generational keepsake for teens.

Behind Closed Doors: A Guide to Help Parents and Teens Navigate Through Life’s Toughest Issues is published by Thomas Nelson. You can order the book here.


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