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On this episode of the By His Grace Podcast, host Misty Phillip has an incredibly interesting conversation with Katie, The Good Patriot. Katie creates numerous videos that defend traditional family values, fighting for freedom, and what she refers to as “good ole boy” stuff. Her goal in work is to encourage individuals in navigating these difficult circumstances in which we live. 

Katie and Misty discuss the importance of faith in preparing for difficult times – prepping for emergency situations, thinking through situations practically, and the ways in which Christians can actively prepare for dangers that may arise. This conversation is ideal for the Christian who is uncertain about the way to manage our current political and global climate. It is full of practical tips and powerful encouragement. 

Key Takeaways

  • “I try to concentrate on the practical ways of doing things.” 
  • “There are some things that I can control.” 
  • “These times are so heavy especially for Americans where many of us have not been tested on this level.” 
  • “As Christians, we are supposed to pull our own weight.” 
  • “The Bible is very clear that when you see danger coming, you prepare accordingly.” 


Katies Website

Good patriot is all about celebrating all that is good about our country God, guns, freedom and more. They sell patriotic home decor and T-shirts to display their beliefs and values to encourage others and sends a message for what they stand for. Katie reaches people through her funny videos, and sometimes more serious videos to inspire other to love God and country.

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