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Happy New Year! Welcome to season five of By His Grace.

Some of the topics that we will be covering this month are our spiritual growth with an episode you will not want to miss on the dangers of technology and another on navigating difficult trials with your teens. We also have help for single parents and so much more. On today’s episode of By his Grace, Misty welcomes Kristel Ward to the show.  Kristel is the founder of grace to grow, a nonprofit that empowers ministers and supports women around the globe. Krystal just launched her new devotional grace to grow 40 devotions to Release Anxiety and Dive into Purpose. No matter how busy you are, Krystal wants you to encounter God’s extravagant grace, 

Grace to Grow: 40 Devotions to Release Anxiety and Dive Into Purpose

Grace to Grow is published by BroadStreet publishing and can be purchased at or wherever books are sold.

The Christian life isn’t without challenges. It’s easy to wonder, What if troubles overwhelm me?
What if I can’t find my purpose? What if I fail? Despite the anxieties, God’s abundant grace is
always with you. Accepting this undeserved gift equips you to silence the stresses of the day.
Through the stories in Grace to Grow, you will discover how to
● transform trials into spiritual growth,
● encounter peace by taking time to pause,
● view difficult circumstances as divine opportunities, and
● embrace the journey God has set before you.
God’s empowering grace can disarm anxiety by stripping away its strength. Let him give you the
grace to grow.

 Quotes from Grace to Grow

● “Jesus is Emmanuel, the God-with-you. He climbs into your life and calms the storm.”
(Day 2)
● “Jesus is the source of all your needs, and waves of chaos still obey him.” (Day 2)
● “God is with you in the furnace…The fire never gets too hot for him.” (Day 3)
● “Praise may not change the circumstances, but it puts problems in perspective next to a
mighty God.” (Day 4)
● “Jesus has all power, authority, and victory, and he lives in you.” (Day 5)
● “If strength is faltering and emotions are frayed, reach out and take grace by the hand.
Grace empowers you when life engulfs you.” (Day 8)
● “Purpose begins with pursuing an intimate relationship with God. The rest of our
decisions and details flow out of a place of intimacy with him.” (Day 13)
● “God has treasures tucked away within your time with him. All he asks for in return is
your heart.” (Day 15)
● “God exchanges broken hearts with his own.” (Day 18)
● “Love, joy, and peace will bloom as Scripture sinks deep and develops roots.” (Day 19)
● “Bitterness over yesterday steals our joy today. It robs us of the richness God wants to
develop in our lives.” (Day 20)
● “Let our spirit not be caught in the red. Abundant life can be found in spiritual surplus.”
(Day 25)
● “For far too long, many of us have pecked the dirt like chickens instead of ascending like
eagles. We were called to soar with God, but our feet have often been anchored to the
ground by anxieties.” (Day 27)
● “Jesus didn’t come only for the Sunday morning, Instagram-filtered, perfectly dressed
version of us. No, he got his hands dirty with our darkest days.” (Day 27)
● “…People are eternal, but problems are not.” (Day 29)
● “But instead of asking the big question, What is my calling? Try asking, God, what are
you calling me to do right now? Obedience to the Lord in this season gives us what is
needed for the next one.” (Day 31)
● “God’s grace is often dispensed to the world through broken vessels.” (Day 33)
● “God desires his will for your life more than you do. Fear of missing his plans is
unnecessary when your heart is following him.” (Day 37)
● “Don’t fear that your dreams are dead when trapped in a dungeon season. Dormant seeds
sprout in the dark.” (Day 38)
● “Next time you look in the mirror, remember that you are a masterpiece in the making by
a creative God.” (Day 40)

About Kristel Ward

Kristel Ward is an insightful Bible teacher and inspiring conference speaker. As a former
educator in some of the toughest schools in Texas and a 20+ year Christian ministry leader,
Kristel’s biblical wisdom has encouraged thousands to follow the example of Christ. She is the
founder and director of Grace to Grow, a nonprofit that empowers ministers and supports
women around the globe. Whether from behind the podium, on social media platforms, or in camera
productions, Kristel helps busy people grow in their relationship with God.
Kristel is married to BJ, and together they have three smart and sometimes messy children,
Abbey, Emma, and Evan. The Wards enjoy road trips, the outdoors, and a good campfire.

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