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In this episode of By His Grace, I interview my friend, Sarah Keeling. Sarah is the author of two books, a podcaster, and a mom who has a desire to reach children and their parents with God’s word. Sarah and I discuss how her passion for prayer began, she gives us an easy prayer format to follow, and we dive deep into the resources that she uses to disciple children and their families. 

Key Takeaways 

  • “I think that a lot of us get stuck thinking that these things are too big or too complicated to explain to our kids. That’s not true.” 
  • “God’s word is powerful on its own.” 

Sarah’s Prayer Template

  • Praise God.
  • Give thanks to God. 
  • Present your requests to the Lord. 
  • Confess the things that are on your heart. 

Psalm Prayers

By His Grace Podcast – Psalm Prayers with Sarah Keeling


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