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In this episode of the By His Grace podcast, I chat with Stephanie Rousselle, a Bible study leader and the host of the Gospel Spice podcast. Stephanie shares the story of how she came to faith in Jesus. As a former atheist who has lived in many places across the nation, Stephanie brings a unique perspective and an incredible testimony.  

Stephanie gives us practical tips to enrich our faith in the Lord.  

Key Takeaways 

  • “There is nothing that creates more purpose and grounding in our lives than when we make God our priority.” 
  • “We are to equip ourselves with the development of our spiritual gifts so that we can run the race that the Lord has set before us.” 
  • “There is a cost that comes with your faith.” 
  • “The ability that God has given us to fall in love with Him is simply mind-blowing.” 
  • “Surround yourself with people who are walking the path that you want to be walking.” 
  • “God loves to blow our minds with the depth of His word.” 


Stephanie’s recommended resources for going deeper in faith:

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